Bags to letter format A5. Small bags for free time, walking, party.

Our "middle sized" handbags are recommended for daily using. For work, hobby, walking. Dimensions are around paper format A4. Enjoy your day with everything what you need plus little space more.

Big bags are mostly used for work, shopping or short trips. Their format is around the A3 format. 

Our backpacks are our pride! Many colorful combinations in few sizes for everyday use. This is new level in bag fashion.  

Artworks by UHAZart. Original acrylic paintings by Czechoslovak original artist and designer. Every piece is original. 

Original t-shirts with u_hazart design. Different methods of print. Freehand painting, stencils, linocut, flex ... Unique pieces starts on first original piece. 

MyStickerWall is my supporting collection. Stickers from a streets of many cities around the world on one place. Every sticker has a link. Click, Check, Support, Share, Upload!

The creative studio Made IN Home teamed up with the Slovak reggae band Akustika to create unique and limited merch for them.

Shopping bags and other accessories from our studio. 

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Wallet made from recycled packaging. Strong and waterproof packaging. Sewed. Suitable for sticking stickers and creating your own street art on. Every piece is original.

299,00 Kč

A wallet made from recycled milk cartons is a unique and creative way to reuse the material and at the same time have a practical accessory for everyday use.  This wallet has a stylish look with color combinations and an interesting design, which can also be enhanced with stickers that attract attention and are unique to each owner. 

299,00 Kč

Merch for the Slovak reggae band AKUSTIKA.Print over the template "banksy style". Each piece is original.The number of pieces is limited to the lifetime of the template.

380,00 Kč

Medium- size bag of leather

2 300,00 Kč

Hand printed t-shirt Mystickerwall.The color combination of the theme can be modified according to your requirements.

299,00 Kč

Stylish backpack 100% Handmade

1 600,00 Kč

Folxy Lady Kidney Bag. A small, practical waistband around the waist and crossbody.

750,00 Kč

Folxy Lady Kidney Bag. A small, practical waistband around the waist and crossbody.

750,00 Kč

Tshirt KRTKOBAIN is colage of two icons. Czechoslovak cartoon character mole and iconic shot of Kurt Cobain in big white glasses. Fun in slovak language.

290,00 Kč

Linocut print, 20 pieces limited. KTRKOBAIN is creative combination of the Czech cartoon character Mole and frontman of legendary band Nirvana.

250,00 Kč

Stickers pack contains 10 original stickers by uhazart + 3 bonus stickers from slovak or international streetart. 

50,00 Kč

Hand printed t-shirt EXOT.

325,00 Kč

Hand printed t-shirt Prešov - city of ghosts

275,00 Kč

Hand printed winter t-shirt with Norwegian pattern

275,00 Kč

Hand printed t-shirt with Dove

275,00 Kč
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